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tumblr pro more like tumblr no

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Hey guys, I saw everyone doing this, so I figured I’d join in, too!

My name is Rob (I’m 17) and my URL is

You may know me better from my older blog at

Anyways, feel free to drop me a message anytime! I love making new friends! (:

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Are you like really pacsun or just a fan blog?
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no that would be sorry

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Follow Breakingmirr0rs if you don’t wear crocs.  image

By: Shiek

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You better take me out of the microwave cause I am so done.

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Keep calm and follow Pacsun

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Maroon - Let’s have sex!

Teal - Wanna have sex?

Fuschia - I think we should have sex.

Lavender - So I was thinking…sex?

Grey - Fifty shades of sex.

Yellow - Sex.

Pink - I’d love to have sex with you.

Brown - You smell like sex.

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Keep calm and follow Pacsun

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Do you like Japan?

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Keep calm and follow Pacsun.